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This course is designed for NCRIC Terrorism Liaison Officer's (TLO's) and/or Active Public Safety/Government First Responders (Police/Fire) in direct support of the TLO Program in the NCRIC's Area of Operation (AOR).

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Human Trafficking Awareness
Tuesday, August 1, 2023
8:00a.m. - 5:00p.m.
Oakland, CA

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Seminar DESCRIPTION: This overview to human trafficking, in all of its forms, will aid in establishing awareness throughout the private and public sectors, addressing the needs and realities of victims and survivors of human trafficking.  Industries impacted by human trafficking, include but are not limited to: travel and tourism, retail, theme parks, restaurants, hospitals and medical services, agricultural related businesses, and more.  Ending modern day slavery and assisting victims of human trafficking begins with awareness. “What is HT?” and “How do first responders in the field currently respond to suspected incidents of HT?” Participants will identify techniques used by traffickers, including fraud, threats, coercion, criminal enterprises, and overall deceit.  Runaway Girl’s team of experts will empower and strengthen the local survivor voice, by engaging local survivor experts in training and utilizing the expertise of local service providers to identify areas known for trafficking, as well as common tactics used by traffickers.  Each participant will be able to: identify and respond to human trafficking in all of its forms and share critical information in a timely manner with those who can take next steps in engaging victims and investigating criminal activities. This course is POST certified under plan NA and STC certified.

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