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Narcotic Detection K9, A Force Multiplier
Thursday, May 21, 2020
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Location: Secure address will be provided with Confirmation
Directions: Windsor, CA 95492

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Course Description:  Are you an aspiring K9 handler, or a narcotics detective wanting to no more about narcotic detection K9’s, a K9 handler who wants to know more from the best in the industry or maybe even a K9 supervisor, if so then this is a must attend class for you.  This course will cover:


  • Having a narcotics K9 available in narcotics investigations. 
  • How narcotics K9 work alongside narcotics units as well as plain clothes units.
  • How to obtain a narcotics K9 for investigations (to include outside agency request).  As well as   how patrol K9 handlers can assist on regular basis.
  • The need for K9s in search warrants (residences and vehicles), wall stops, and interdiction. 
  • POST requirements, monthly training and the type of low threshold training that is trained on. 
  • Discussion on the positives and negatives of K9’s trained to alert on marijuana. 
  • Dangers of Fentanyl and precautions to take related to K9 searches. 
  • Common trends of hidden compartments being used in vehicles and debrief of locations that have been discovered as hiding areas in residences. 


Instructor:  Sgt Marty Mahon has been with the South San Francisco Police Department since 1999.  Marty is currently the Sgt of the K9 unit which has seven dual purpose K9s.  Marty is currently on his 3rd dual purpose K9, “Diesel”.  Marty is assigned to DEA, San Francisco Metro Task Force 1.  His duties range from street enforcement, to large scale wiretap investigations.  Marty uses K9 Diesel for Federal, state and local investigations, ranging from, search warrants to interdiction.  Marty is owner of TRIDENT K9 Training and Consulting, which currently is responsible for maintenance training to seven Police Departments in the Bay Area.  Through TRIDENT, Marty provides trained K9’s, training and problem solving.


Instructor: Officer Britt Elmore is with the San Francisco Police Department and has been assigned to the narcotics division for 19 years.  Britt’s duties consist of being an investigator, K9 handler and undercover officer with over 1000 UC buys of both narcotics and firearms.  Britt is assigned to the DEA, San Francisco Metro Task Force and has had a single purpose K9 for last 9 years.  His K9 duties range from search warrants, to wall stops and interdiction.  Britt works as a trainer and consultant for TRIDENT. 





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