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How the NCRIC was established

The NCRIC was established by the Northern California High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (NC HIDTA) Executive Board, combining the personnel, intelligence and investigative resources of that region's Investigatve Support Center (ISC) and the Northern California Regional Threat Assessment Center (NC RTAC).

NCRIC is an integral component of The National Fusion Center Enterprise and is one of 78 State Governor designated and DHS recognized fusion centers in The United States.

Providing essential visibility and training

With the cooperation of the law enforcement community, the NCRIC provides comprehensive intelligence products that give public safety officials a vital regional picture of trends and patterns relating to terrorist operations and other criminal activities. We also:

Protecting critical infrastructure

Beyond helping to protect the community, the NCRIC helps its members prepare for incidents of terrorism in order to protect critical infrastructure through heightened vigilance. We accomplish this by:

  • Collecting, compiling and analyzing trends to assess threats
  • Disseminating advisories, bulletins and alerts
  • Promoting a robust information sharing environment among all stakeholders

Supporting our national fusion center network

Per a 2006 presidential directive, the NCRIC serves as the regional "all crimes" intelligence fusion center for the Federal Northern District of California. 

As such, we centralize the intake, analysis, fusion, synthesis, and dissemination of criminal and homeland security intelligence throughout the Northern California coastal counties.

The NCRIC is funded through the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP), Department of Homeland Security, Cal EMA and Bay Area  Urban Area Security Initiative (Bay Area UASI).



Report Crimes, Threats & Hazards

Urgent Threats/Incidents
Dial 911 or (415)553-7400

For non-urgent tips or leads.  Call (24/7)
1-866-FOR-TTIP (1-866-367-8847)
Email: dutyofficer@ncric.ca.gov


NCRIC Mission

Coordinate the exchange of criminal intelligence, threats, and hazards and facilitate regional communication among Northern California Law Enforcement, First Responders, Government and Private Sector Partners.

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